What's New
  • A contributor offers Composite for Mozilla 1.3
  • Mozilla 1.3 Completely Breaks Composite! The good news is that with a significant rewrite, composite will be able to perform inline -- no more popup window. Interested contributors are encouraged to email Andyed.
  • Our XPIs (installers) were broken. v0.5 has been rebuilt... feedback at bug 2949
Older News
  • 'Edit with Composite' button (pref, 0.0.5)
  • <br> and CRLF stripping mungers (pref, 0.0.5)
Coming Soon
  • Lots of bug fixes -- they're fixed, for the most part
  • Authoring Macros
  • Autosave while authoring

ComposIte is a chrome overlay which enables a streamlined Mozilla Editor for html composition in textareas. To use the editor, hit ctrl-e in a textarea. Alternately, you can turn on an 'Edit with Composite' button in the Composite prefs (v0.0.5 and higher).

ComposIte is a port of Eric Hodel's (aka DrBrain) LiveLizard editor. It is hooked up via a overlay with a single call to GetElementsByTagName. In the link toolbar, this was estimated to create a 2% page load performance hit. YMMV. The preferred implementation would be through XBL enabled in usercontent.css. This does not work due to security restrictions (even with enablePriveledge).

One installed you'll be able to edit a textarea like the one below with the wysiwig Mozilla Composer module.

Does this project not quite fit the requirements? Try this list of rich text editors. New as of April 1,03 is this offering for IE and Moz 1.3.

Wonder why you can't run this inline? Customization of the editor is possible, but in many cases requires writing C code alas. Nonetheless, we have more features than your average JoeEdit and are fully open source (BSD3/MPL).

The composite project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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